World Sprint Speed Skating Championships

Hamar, January 20-21, 2007


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Welcome to Hamar

Dear skating friends,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you once more to a World Sprint Speed Skating Championship for ladies and men in Hamar. This is the 3rd time Hamar is hosting such an event, the past Championships was in 1997, with Franziska Schenk from Germany and Sergej Klevtsjenja from Russia as winners, and 2002, with Catriona LeMay Doan and Jeremy Wotherspoon, both from Canada as winners.

As always when the fastest men and women in the world are getting together to skate for a Championship, we can expect a high level competition including a very tight race for the titles. We will experience the “Formula 1” of speed skating.

It is of great importance for the Norwegian Speed Skating Federation to be able to show that we, in addition to developing good skaters, can also be worthy organizers of such a great event. During the last year, the ice capacity in Vikingskipet has been undergoing a total refurbishment and with a very energized organizing committee and staff with experience from earlier Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships; I am very confident that this year’s championship will come together in a way that gives equal opportunity for the skaters and that allows the spectators to support their favorite skaters in the best possible surroundings.

I wish all skaters, team leaders, referees, organizing committee members and staff, press and the spectators a hearty welcome to Hamar and Vikingskipet and I wish you all good luck with the 2007 World Sprint Speed Skating Championships and may the best skaters win.

Terje Andersen